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All our guests get a private, cozy room with a comfy bed, a litter tray, optional toys and treats, wet/dry food and water given every morning and night so they have everything they need to feel at home.


Our guests have a choice of a room with an outside area if they normally spend their time outside while at home, so theres easy access in and out whenever they like.


All our guests are provided with James Well-beloved Adult Dry cat food and Felix Pouches wet. We give these every morning and evening, with plenty of water always topped up. If they prefer another kind of food, you can provide that on arrival and we will feed them that.


Here at HappyCatz all our staff are animal lovers inside and out. We all own one or more pets ourselves. We treat every guest as if they were our own and give them love and affection, making time for play when possible. With years of experience we know how to care for even the most shy guests.


Any of our guests that need medication will be taken as a high priority. We have given many different medications over our years of service (including injections), so you can rest knowing we will take good care of your cat. HappyCatz also has insurance covering all cats, and have all local vets on file incase of any emergencies.


Our cattery (and kennels) have 24/7 active CCTV cameras and a member of staff on site at all times to make sure your pet is safe and well. Our guests are never left alone while out of their rooms and wont leave the cattery day-area until you come back. The safety and health of our guests is always put first.

Meet The Team

Meet our hard working staff members, dedicated to helping you and your pet feel safe. If you are booking by phone or email, don't be afraid to ask the name of who you are speaking to if you'd like.


Cattery Supervisor


Kennels Supervisor


Kennels Assistant


Kennels Assistant


Cattery Assistant


Kennels Supervisor


Cattery Assistant




Kennels Assistant


Kennels Assistant


At HappyCatz, our main aim is to give your cat the best holiday possible while you're away. With 15 years of experience we know the ins-and-outs of caring for our guests.


We are the first Pet Hotel in Northern Ireland, located in North Down within the Craigantlet Hills, that has been created to be a home from home for your pet. Each guest has a comfy bed, toys to play with and constant love and care. Each morning our guests rooms are cleaned fully and each cat given some love, and then breakfast/lunch is served. We play classical music in our cattery areas to help your cat relax in a calm and quiet space. We try our best to give every guests some time to chill in the day-area and get some petting time. Then we start over again for the evening! We make sure every cats room is clean and as comfortable as possible with multiple checks daily to see how they are doing. Each of the 3 catteries have central heating to keep them all nice and warm.


  • 02890421974
  • 26 Ballymoney Road, BT234TG, Craigantlet, Northern Ireland

Our rates for cats staying with us.

(Prices are per day, which include the of day of arrival and collection separately)

1 Cat (Per Room) - £9

2 Cats (Sharing) - £14

3 Cats (Sharing) - £22

4 Cats (Sharing) - £28


NOTICE - Our prices will be increasing to £9 per day as of 1 March 2017. Any bookings for after this date will be charged at the new rate. We apologise for any inconvenience.



- Daily Rates are charged from day of arrival to day of collection inclusive.
- Payment is due on either Arrival or Collection.
- Discount is given for cats with long stays.
- Payments accepted by Cash/Cheque/Card.
- Collection fee payable without 48 hours notice.
- £10 Surcharges for Christmas and New Years Day apply.


You can easily arrange a booking with us by calling us on 02890421974. You can also send us an email below, and we will get back to you ASAP. We also offer viewings by appointment for both our Cattery and Kennels, so you can see where your dog/cat will be staying, which you can book before you book your pet in or while you're booking, just call us and we will be happy to help.


~ CATS ~
Everyday: 9.30am - 11.30am

Everyday: 4pm - 6pm

~ DOGS ~
Everyday: 11.30am - 12.30am

Everyday: 4.30pm - 5.30pm

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